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PH / Whatsapp: 0411833671

Around the camping fire under the bright lit light stars of mimiwhangata the warm sand under our feet.

The smell of freshly cooked kai drifts through the crisp night air from my fathers daily spear fish dive. The sweet sweet sound of my beloved fathers guitar carries softly over the mountains singing as one with the birds telling stories of time.


Good Ole Heart'y life is inspired by my father Glenn James Mcnicoll who was my biggest believer of my music, my band, my songs. He always taught me new tricks on the guitar and played open d tuning everyday, this was the last guitaring he taught me. 

Thank you my Father, see you on the other side.


your favorite daughter.


River is the fourth single to be released off 

Bridey Rose's debut album, “My Heart's Army".  she plans to reveal the album in full on all platforms through a journey of releases over the next 6 months. 


River is a journey deep through memories of childhood, warmth, and love. 

Beautifull light energy.

On the journey through adulthood,  we are facing  many blows of lifes lessons.

Loss of love, and loss of loved ones.  

The challenge to call your broken spirit back into your body, turn the hurt into love, and keep your flame for life glowing strong. 

As you breathe and learn to focus on presence. 


To allow our river to flow freely , we must go with the current of lifes direction ........ without feeling the need to hang onto the river bank too tightly.

What will be will be..... the weight is lifted and we are free.


My Heart's Army is a tale of love lost and courage. Emotions unravelled and unveiled. Dark versus light. 

A battle to Woman Up.  

The album was recorded with award winning producer Paul Pilsonic, in the mountains of Byron Bay in the winter of 21.

Poetically singing out her raw emotion of life's lessons, marching to the beating drum of her own heart. Backed by her uplifting  energetic band - "The Good Fellows". 

Bridey Rose captivates audiences with her highly passionate soulful sound and feel.

Her Performance poetically delivers a strong soaring vocal with lows as deep as middle earth and highs that pierce beyond our atmosphere, backed by her rhythmic funky guitar grooves and bass foot drum. Bridey Rose becomes one with her instruments, playing bothelectric and acoustic guitars.

Her songs tell deep raw tales of truth of her own life experiences and those around her, of love, loss , growth and mental health in this karmic life. With memorable relatable lyrics and catchy chorus lines, each song is as individual as the next, with diverse layers and tones of soul indie country folks and blues.

This music will take you on a journey back in time to the real and wonderful raw freedom , folk movement of the 70s.

Bringing back a refreshing old school style of music with a modern twist leaving a sweet new taste on your palate and pining for more.

Bridey Rose was born to perform coming from a family of seriously great musicians out in the magical area of Titirangi west Auckland bush New Zealand. She was surrounded by a diverse range of music through her childhood from a heavy jazz influence , to country roots folk soul, blues and reggae . Bridey Rose became serious about song writing and guitar playing at age 15 performing anywhere she could , from open mics , local radio stations, markets and private party's and music festivals. At age 23 Bridey Rose took to Australia to travel and play tour her music , working as a cover musician and original musician. The more people she played with the more mature and diverse her sound and song writing became as she traveled her way up the east coast to Darwin. In 2012 she returned to New Zealand to record her first professional EP dance freely. She performed her release on good morning show New Zealand . and returned back to Australia to continue growing her musical courier.

Over the past 2 years Bridey Rose has been writing her new album and is up too 29 new songs currently being recorded for launch and release in march 2020, shes plans on doing single releases on her new website and then a best of the 29 song album.

Bridey Rose is currently living in Darwin settled in the Darwin music scene were she plays regular gigs as her business, she plans to tour her music after her release .

She has her incredible band Bridey Rose and the Good Fellows made up of Darwins' finest musicians, Mr Lukas Lore on drums with his eclectic upbeat rhythm style and Mr Tom Anderson with his funky soul melodies and Mr Aden Mckay with his fine tuned jazz sounds.

Bridey Rose & The Good Fellows perform regularly at Mindil Market openings, Darwin

festival, since 2013, corporate gigs and more and has opened for The Managers in new Zealand, Dead Fools Fiesta , Booby Alu in Darwin festival and many more over the years.

Keep yours eyes and ears peeled on Bridey Rose as she prepares to take to a big stage and fly with her new songs.

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