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Bridey Rose’s sound is a diverse mix of Soul indie, folk blues. She captivates audiences with her  passionate soulful sound and feel.

Her Performance poetically delivers a strong soaring vocal with lows as deep as middle earth and highs that pierce beyond our atmosphere, backed by her rhythmic funky guitar grooves.

Bridey Rose becomes one with her instruments, playing both electric and acoustic guitars. Her songs tell deep raw tales of truth of her own life experiences and those around her, of love, loss , growth and mental health in this karmic life. With memorable relatable lyrics and catchy chorus lines, each song is as individual as the next, with diverse layers and tones of soul indie country folks and blues.

This music will take you on a journey back in time to the real and wonderful raw freedom , folk movement of the 70s. Bringing back a refreshing old school style of music with a modern twist leaving a sweet new taste on your palate and pining for more.

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